Can you dash twice in DnD 5e?

While there are many goals to achieve while playing DnD, one important one may be working your way through a campaign by escaping from an area to reach a new location. Sometimes speed is of the essence, and with the ‘dash’ feature, you can move your way over greater distance on your turn. In some situations, dashing twice might be even more beneficial.

Can you dash twice in DnD 5e? If using dash is included as a bonus action for the characters you are playing with, the level you are at, or the skills you are mastering, you can dash twice in DnD 5e. This allows you to dash for as your regular action and then use dash again as your bonus action. There are multiple situations in which this could occur: 

  • Your character is of the Rogue or Monk Class
  • Using specific spells that enable the dash bonus feature

Especially if you are already playing with a character that has speed as a strength, using the dash action twice can move your character significant distances at high speeds. Depending on your objectives for the round and overall strategy within the game, this action can serve both as a strategic move or just a cool move to try with your character.

What Is Dashing in DnD 5e?

Let’s break down what dashingOpens in a new tab. is so you know why you may want to dash twice within one turn in DnD 5e. Dashing is when you are able to cover greater amounts of distance or increased movement during one turn in the game. This is directly related to the speed of your character and will be able to increase that movement based on their abilities.

In other words, the dash action does not increase your speed but will give you additional movement as it relates to your speed and any other related factors based on your character’s attributes and abilities. Dashing will increase your movement but not have an impact on your speed. This is relevant when you are moving in standing vs. sitting position.

DashingOpens in a new tab. may be used to escape or catch up to something. Increasing your character’s movements can help you get out of some tricky situations or allow you to increase your success in combat.

When Can You Dash Twice in DnD 5e?

If you want to increase your movement by large amounts within one turn, you can do so by completing the dash action twice. This is only available with specific character classes and in certain situations. Using dash twice in DnD 5e is possible when you have dashing available as a bonus action. We will differentiate between these various bonus action opportunities.

Dash Character Classes

There are specific character classes in which dashing is available among your bonus actions. The two primary character classes include those of the Rogue Class and those of the Monk Class. At varying levels of gameplay, these characters have the option to use the “Dash Action” as their bonus action, which will increase their movement in a single turn.

These are some of the characteristics associated with each of these classes as they relate to dashing: 

  • Rogue: This class of characters has a wide range of skills, including their quickness and stealthy movements. They are strong fighters who rely on wit for success. At Level 2, Rogue characters are given the ‘Cunning Action, ’Opens in a new tab. which is when the bonus action of dashing is allowed. This increases your movement and speed actions in combat and is when you should use your bonus dash action.
  • Monks: The Monk class is known for using Ki energy to power their combat, protect themselves and others, and use it towards their abilities in other ways. Once a Monk reaches Level 2, they can start to tap into the Ki energyOpens in a new tab.. Through the use of the “Step of the Wind” feature, you can use dash as your bonus action.

Depending on your strategy for the game in choosing one over the other, both of these classes allow you to dash twice in one turn. There is no ‘better’ choice between the two as your goals for the game largely dictate the one you will choose. Using dash as your action and bonus action most likely will not drive your choice in character class.

Dash Actions with Spells

Using spells is another way to dash as your bonus action within DnD 5e. Different classes will take unique approaches to use and learning how to cast spellsOpens in a new tab.. This may change when you can use it within the game and will vary in their power at different levels. There are a couple of spells we want to touch on that will give you the ability to dash twice within a turn:

  • Haste Spell: Sorcerer and Wizard classes will be able to use this spell during play. This spellOpens in a new tab. gives the desired character a lot of benefits within their turn. Once you identify the character you want to use, you will have speed doubled, increased armor class (AC), dexterity saving throws, and you get your bonus action (which includes the dash).
  • Expeditious Retreat: Used by Sorcerer, Wizard, and Warlock classes, this spellOpens in a new tab. increases your speed dramatically within a turn. The bonus action allows you to dash, which will increase your overall movement substantially. You can use this spell at Level 1 and continue to use it as your bonus action each turn until the spell wears off. The spell can last up to 10 minutes long, which may allow you to use the ‘double dash’ multiple times in a short period.

 If your character falls into any of the classes mentioned above, you can dash twice in a turn by taking advantage of the bonus actions associated with each spell.

What Are the Advantages To Dashing Twice in DnD 5e?

You may be wondering why you should even consider using dash twice within one round. These reasons may be specific to your specific gameplay or situations you have found yourself in past campaigns. Here are some ideas you may want to try this out during future play:

  • Getting out of trouble: This is the primary reason you would use this double action in one round. If a character needs to get out of a dangerous situation quickly, they will use the dash actionOpens in a new tab. twice during their turn. This will increase their movement abilities and put them out of harm’s way in many cases. You could approach an enemy to attack and then dash away to prevent retaliating damage.
  • Catching others: You may be the pursuer and trying to attack another player within the game. Catching up to them by dashing twice can be one way in which you can achieve this quickly (especially with faster character classes).
  • Explore character capabilities: Especially if you have a very fast character, you may want to try out the dash as your action and your bonus action to see what they can do. While you should use it when applicable, your character has the potential to move great distances and at high speeds with this feature.

While there are stipulations as to which types of character classes are allowed to use dashing as their bonus action, it can be a handy tool to use in many gameplay situations. For getting out of danger and putting others in it, you will need to make sure your character can do it and that the actions align with your gameplay strategy.

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