Can You Banish Yourself in DnD 5e?

You can banish yourself in Dungeon and Dragons 5th edition (DnD 5e) under certain circumstances. This post gives guidelines to help you better understand the spell, banishment, the best time to use the spell, the consequences of using it, and a few extra tips that will help along the way.

Can you banish yourself in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition? While you can, it is important to check with your Dungeon Master (DM). Some DM’s do not allow the banishment spell to be performed in their games. Others will allow it, but there is a limit on when and how many times you can use it.

This is a weird option, one of the many uncommon spells that you can cast. So, even though you may not have done it before, we’ve looked through tons of forums and found role players with expertise in the weird rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Keep reading to find out more about banishing yourself in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

The Barest of Basics When it Comes to Banishing Yourself

If you are in the same plane or area in which the spell is cast, meaning that you can see yourself, you may choose yourself as a target. You should continue concentration for at least a minute after casting. Otherwise, you will be right back where you started. If the spell ends before the minute needed for the spell is up, you will immediately be placed back, or the character that you placed the spell on, will be returned to the same spot or one next to it.

Remember this is a level 4 spell with a duration of 1 minute, and the target will remain there incapacitated until the spell ends.

If you have ever followed a conversation in one of the many forums, you can see the variety of opinions based on banishment and how each person prefers their games. Some say banishment causes imbalances, others say that it does not really affect their games as much as others say.

Again, some DMs do not allow this spell in their games. Please be sure to check before trying to use it. So, banishment can come to be a pretty hot topic and can cause some heated discussion. How do we prevent you from going into a hot topic without being prepared? We put some information for you together to help you be prepared.

What is the Banishment Spell?

Banishment is a spell where the target must succeed on a Charisma saving throw or be banished to another plane of existence. Typically, this is done with a creature that you can see (or yourself) within 60 feet. In this situation, be sure to supplement the spell with a distasteful item to the target; alternatively, a spellcasting focus or a component pouch can be used instead. This spell can be learned by paladins, wizards, clerics, sorcerers, and warlocks.

If used correctly, it can be used to get rid of up to 6 creatures at a time. This is valuable if used against low charisma valued creatures. This also allows the battlefield to be opened up, and therefore, allows players to strategically move in order to gain even better positions. This definitely helps to give a bit more boost and fighting power.

Where Do You Go When Banished?

When you banish yourself, you are taken back to your own native plane. If you are already on your native plane, you will be sent to a safer area of your native plane. You will also be breaking concentration, and you will be returned to where you cast the spell upon yourself.

In some cases, if you banish on a plane you are not native to, and you fail the save, you return to your home plane. However, if your spell effect is vague or unclear, it falls on the Dungeon Master. Banishment places no guidance for the placement.

So in the end, this leaves placement completely up to your DM. Therefore, you could literally find yourself anywhere on your home plane. You do however have a minute to decide whether to stay at the destination or be returned to the previous location. Let’s hope you have been paying really close attention to gameplay.

When are the Best Moments to Use the Banishment Spell?

Banishment could be used as a dodging technique if things get too unsafe in the area you are in. However, make sure to release concentration so that it does not become permanent. Always check with the Dungeon Master, and of course, use the banishment spell sparingly.

Banishment can also be used to support stealth situations, strategy, and so forth. It can help banish any guards that may alert enemies upon being spotted. It can also be used to protect vulnerable ally targets such as a royal family.

The Banishment spell can also be used with the Sorcerer Metamagic Distant Spell allowing attacks to an enemy outside of their counterspell range, making this an easy strategy to attack without getting harmed in return.

What are the Consequences of Using the Banishment Spell?

Some say banishment causes imbalances in the game. Depending on how far you have gotten in, it can leave other players weighted with the work to beat the obstacles that area alone. Others state that it is a tactful spell that can be used at any time. Make sure to know your group before throwing everything you have in. This is a strategic game that sometimes is not allowed very much error.

You might also consider the ill will of your fellow role players. While invoking the spell may be great for you, it may mess up another player’s strategy. If you are not meant to be a reckless character or if you just need to keep other players on your side, this needs to be taken into consideration, as well.

Tips on Banishment

  • Use an item distasteful to the target. 
  • If using a spell slot of the 5th level or higher, you may target one other character per open slot above the 4th slot level. 
  • Always check with game rules and DM before attending as some DMs have forbidden the spell to be used during gameplay. 
  • Your banishment spell can be interrupted! Dispel magic can make your banishment spell disappear after it has been cast. Especially if caster loses concentration. 

Distasteful Items

Distasteful items are not listed as a status in the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons’ rules except when it comes to the banishment spell. This is obviously left up to the Dungeon Master. However, in earlier editions, it was items that the target may hate, fear, or otherwise be against. This comes down basically to what a creature dislikes.

Some have said that a pouchful of poo helps in their spells along with other items that different creatures do not like. Of course, depending on your gameplay, you can use what you have available to you. Be as creative as you usually are for your character.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, if the DM allows the banishment spell to be cast during gameplay, then yes you can banish yourself. Check first with the DM and strategize how to handle your gameplay. Remember that your game is involved with other players and anything you do can, in fact, affect them in their gameplay.

Make sure you are aware of rules, and regulations in association with the game. Be sure that in the gameplay, you pay attention to every step taken in the game.

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